- February/2005 -
New videos are up on the DAM video section of our visit to WEBB TV in NC.
'Back Up Again', 'They Closed Down the Mill' and even a cool cover of a tune I think you'll remember. We're joined on that one by pals Randy Saxon (David Childers & the MDJ), and Nancy Owen and Phil Ruff (Mama Said).

Check 'em out and let us know what ya think!.

- December/2004 -
DAM's "Cradle & the Star" from their release 'Another DAM CD' has been included on the WGWG 88.3 fm Christmas release, . SORRY, SOLD OUT. The CD features 16 tracks of traditional and original holiday tunes from a wide variety of regional artists. For a donation of $15 you'll get this professionally created CD. AND, you get a tax deduction as well - good for the radio station, good for your tax return!

ALSO included is ' version of the 16th Century traditional tune "The Holly & the Ivy." The tune was cut at the BackShop with DAM backing David and is not available anywhere else. The CD includes tunes donated by Michael Reno Harrell, Beth Wood, Malcolm Holcombe and a bunch of other fine folks.

You can find out more about WGWG Holidaze', or place an order, by visiting It will be available through December 21, 2004 - plenty of time before Christamas for mailing to family and friends (AND they're offering multi-order discounts starting at 5 copies).

- December/2004 -
We've kept busy this year tracking a new record. The release will ready be sometime in early 2005. This time Don, Annabelle and Matt are joined by drummer Scotty Hawkins (currently the touring and session drummer for Darryl Worley, and previously with Brooks and Dunn and Reba McEntire in a similar capacity). Larry Hoskinson (Seconds Flat) will appear on several songs on electric guitar as well.

Wanna' hear a bit of the new CD? Click here for a sample of "Soapbox Mercenary."

- July/2004 -
In the middle of July our good pal and world class daddy'o Larry Hoskinson stopped in to drop some stunt guitar parts on the new DAM recordings. For those of you who don't know Larry, he is one of the finest guitar players and songwriters in the Southeast. Some may recall him as one of the members of Seconds Flat. Seconds Flat burned brightly for about 5 years in the mid/late '90's and appeared alongside Don Dixon and Robyn Hitchcock on "Mountain Stage" (WV Public Broadcasting, TV and radio throughout the US) in 1995... two years before their first label release! They managed quite well on the Gavin Americana chart with the Brian Ahern (Emmylou Harris, Ricky Skaggs, Roy Orbison, George Jones and so on...) produced 'Seconds Flat' and shared stages with The Band, Allison Krauss & Steve Earle (just to drop a few names).

Suffice to say, Larry's a pretty capable musician.

- December/2003 -
CD review of 'Another DAM CD'
Hasselt, Belgium - by: Benny Metten - 3.5 stars

"This is heartfelt, roots based music echoing back, with great vocal harmonies, to the hills of Kentucky; but with an eye and appreciation for contemporary subject matter and the best of rock and roll." -

Through December of 2003 these fine radio stations had either added or featured something on "Another DAM CD."

Along with records by Greg Trooper, David Childers, Michael Reno Harrell and more - hear ALL of the DAM's "Another DAM CD" 24/7!

WYDH 105.9fm - Atmore, AL

Thanks gang!

- May/2003 -
In May of 2003 the song "They Closed Down the Mill" and it's lyric were featured during Walter Edgar's interview of Betsy Teter about Textile Town on his radio show Walter Edgar's Journal. The program was carried on the five member stations of the South Carolina Educational Radio Network.
CLICK HERE to listen to Walter's interview with Betsy Teter.

"If home is where the heart is, then the DAM Combo sounds just like down home to me, but maybe more fun than Mama would allow. This is the stuff...original and real." -

- April/2003 -
April 25 WNCW was cool enough to invite DAM to their Studio B for an interview and set of tunes.

Click on on of the station letters below to hear the RealAudio clips of the half hour gab-n-gig (broken into four parts so the file won't be too large).
W ~ N ~ C ~ W
Interviewer-Charlie Purdue, Engineer-Dennis Jones. Thanks also to Scott Harris and Dennis O'Bryant for thoughtfully snagging an air copy of the interview and sharing it with us.

- March/2003 -
"Another DAM CD!" - eleven tunes covering love, betrayal, friendship, aging, unemployment and large undomesticated pets - and then some.

One of the tunes, "They Closed Down the Mill" - about the sudden shuttering of the 100 year old Spartan Industries - has it's lyrics featured in a 400-page illustrated history of cotton mill life in the Carolinas. More than 40 distinguished historians and writers have contributed to this work. Other songwriters closing out each of the chapters in the book include: , , , and (those last three are long dead - from the 1920s and 30s. Si of course is still alive and pickin'.)

Along with Don, Annabelle and Matt for the joy ride on this CD are on mandolin and drummer Kevin Heuer. Michael Reno, a wonderfully gifted songwriter and performer, lends a fine turn at the mandolin on "Cradle & the Star" and Kevin was the touring and session drummer for . We've got the "big smack" on this one folks.